BH Cosmetics Ultimate Neutrals Review

by gleamcandy

BH Cosmetics has many eyeshadow palettes. This special palette is suitable for vegetarians, can be constructed and is smooth when used. It is highly colored, so start with light hands.

These colors are beautiful and neutral combinations! ! It has excellent shiny colors and beautiful matte colors. I think this is a great pallet when you have different options to create your different looks. There is also a half-price discount at Kohl’s, so you can’t try it with a deal. The colors are easy to mix and have a little effect, but it’s not really a problem. Overall, this is a great tray.

Although what I want to improve is the packaging, because my packaging breaks easily, every time I use it, the lid pops out. I like the palette and the beautiful glitter in it. I would love to try more bh cosmetic palettes.

For the rest of my life, I will never need another neutral palette! This is something everyone must have! There are 42 different neutral shades with matte, shimmering and even metallic colors. Each one is very colored, and there are no shadows on the earth that blend easily. Still have a price? ! Unexpectedly, this price has the shadow of this quality!




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