BH Cosmetics Ultimate Matte Review

by gleamcandy

It’s no secret that Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Mattes 42-color eyeshadow palette comes in a genuine box. BH Cosmetics has some great palettes and they sell very well!

That’s why I bought a lot of them to try them out during their sales period! This palette is awesome! All matte and heavy pigments! This is probably the best I have tried!

They increase strength when applied to the lid and are very easy to construct. There is a purple matte hue in the palette, 3 rows from the top down, and the six colors from the left shocked me! ! ! It is full of energy and is the perfect grape hue with blue undertones; making it instantly attractive on many skin tones (especially our brown-eyed girls!).

This is great for daily use, but it can also be easily used to create a night-out look; making it both worth traveling and keeping it in front and center of the dressing table.

Highly recommended, their packaging and containers are always so beautiful!




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