BH Cosmetics Trendy in Tokyo Review

by gleamcandy

Recently, I discovered colorful fashion in BH Cosmetics Trendy in Tokyo.

The packaging is very cute, its window and pattern design. It allows you to peek into the tones in the palette without destroying the beauty of the design. This window design is only on the jacket, and the color palette blocks it and reveals more patterns.

The palette is good in size and weight when working, and the magnetic closure is very strong. There is a mirror of the right size on the inside of the lid, and a protective film on the pan.

Most of BH Cosmetics’ color palettes tend to be powdery, but their formulas have become better over the years. The butter in most matt shades goes well, but nothing like you find in the Colourpop palette, or those of higher quality. However, they are getting closer. Compared to the old palette I got from them, the formula of this palette is a huge upgrade.

It is almost a rainbow palette, not a single neutral tone. I like the layout of the color story, with warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other. This is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Every time I buy such a color palette, the BH Cosmetics palette always inspires my creativity.




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