BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Review

by gleamcandy

Newsflash Makeup lovers, the color is right in front of your eyes!

Just scroll through Instagram and you will see that colorful makeup currently dominates the beauty industry. Electric blue, neon pink, bright yellow, it seems to contain every color of the rainbow. I’m fascinated, the world is fascinated, and I’m sure you are also fascinated by colors now.

The variety of shades in this palette is incredible! It has the tones of each color of the rainbow. Beautiful pink, siren-like red, bright and interesting yellow and orange, green, light blue and dark blue you have never seen before, and some purple! Most of the colors are bright, some are even neon, and some are darker. There are also a variety of glitter and matte, which help to easily create a full color appearance.

BH Cosmetics is probably best known for its huge bright and affordable shades. Take Me To Brazil is one of the newer palettes, full of nearly neon eye-scorching shades of various finishes. It is packaged in magnetic thin cardboard, which is both practical and strong. There are 30 shadows in total. The round shapes are about the size of a nickel coin, and the rectangular shadows on the bottom are about 3/4″ x 3″ each, which is very rich.

BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette is an excellent palette for those who want to play around with makeup and explore more colors without spending too much money.




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