BH Cosmetics Summer in St. Tropez Review

by gleamcandy

I was attracted by the vibrant summer of St Tropez Palette. We all know that I like bright, bold eyeshadow palettes, for only £12.50, how can I resist? !

I’m sure you can imagine the bright and summer packaging of BH Cosmetics Summer in the St Tropez palette. The colorful beach umbrellas and bright yellow fonts in the front definitely reflect the interior and seasonal tones. The color palette is a pretty good size, perfect for travel. It has a large mirror, which I think is always convenient, made of cardboard, and it feels beautiful and strong.

This 16-color shade palette strikes a good balance between vibrant matte and high-impact shimmer tones. The unique thing about this palette is that although it does not contain many neutral colors, it is not too intimidating. The tones range from soft to vivid, so you don’t have to look like a rainbow every time you use it.

Like most BH Cosmetics eyeshadows, it is pleasant to use. Matte-even lighter shades-are tinted and easy to blend. The shimmer tone applies opacity in one swipe and looks beautiful when capturing light. There is not a single dud in the entire palette, and the formula is always the same.

The shade formula is very soft and may cause some problems in the pot, but I don’t have a lot of shedding on my face. They are very easy to mix without becoming cloudy. What really surprised me was how the lighter shades maintained their pigmentation even when blended.

I am very happy to use this palette and really like the look I created. I did create more things that weren’t cut off that I was not satisfied with, but maybe I will share these looks with you next time.




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