BH Cosmetics Solar Flare Review

by gleamcandy

I got a new color palette at the “BH Cosmetics” booth. This is the “solar flares” palette.

Baked eyeshadows are actually “baked” using a special process. The color release and intensity are stronger and longer lasting than “normal eyeshadow”. By mixing with water or fixing spray, the tone becomes stronger than it is now.

The cardboard packaging (like most palettes offered by this brand) contains a comfortable mirror and 18 different shades of eyeshadow. They are cooked eyeshadows, so they can be used wet or dry. No jokes, no deception.

The eyeshadow is very rich. Colors can be easily mixed and applied. Layer the colors to make them more intense. You can use it to get a lot of looks, and it will definitely last into the evening. In the past few weeks, I have worn more and more colors, which can confirm that they lasted a long time.

Daily makeup can also be combined with makeup. For this, I recommend the colors “Beam” “Sunray” “Orb” “Heat” and “Burst”. If you apply only one layer on a dry moving song, the result is completely natural and makes the eyes look more alert and fresh.

All I can say is that they are great, with gorgeous metallic finishes, and in some cases even surprisingly two-tone colors like Photosphere.




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