BH Cosmetics Smitten in Switzerland Review

by gleamcandy

This palette is known as a chic combination of velvety, smooth and matte. Warm neutral tones and deep smoky tones provide rich color effects and seamless blending, creating a dazzling day and night effect that makes people feel dazzling. Reminiscent of the relaxed sophistication of coastal cities, it evokes the fashionable atmosphere of Mediterranean residents.

The palette contains 8 metallic shades, 1 sequin matte and 7 matte shades.

The matte finish is finely milled and satin smooth. The metal texture is soft and smooth. The sequin matte is different from the one I use. It is creamy like metal, and the glitter is deposited in the whole pigment without any influence.

This series of elegant, pigment-rich shades and finishes—from lush shimmering greens and sky blues to velvety soft violets and neutral shades—allows you to create stunning eye effects for the ultimate ski After makeup.

I hope you try it!




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