BH Cosmetics Power Pencil Review

by gleamcandy

Use our strong pencil-waterproof eyeliner to enhance your eye makeup. Provides a range of pigment packaging shades ranging from nude beige to bright blue-green with matte and shimmer finishes,

This creamy formula glides on and sets makeup lasting. From graphic lining and sharp wings to perfect blooming, the flickering effects are endless! The application of this liner is very easy, it is creamy, smooth and colored, and the curling pencil is always the easiest for me.

Very cost-effective and smooth. After placing it on the upper eyelid line, immediately close your eyes and let it stand for one minute. Otherwise it will leave marks on my eyes.

I would like this set because it is difficult to find decent gold and silver eyeliners, and they look creamy and colored. If you like the look of this three-piece eyeliner set, you can buy it now.




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