In my opinion, BH Cosmetics Poolside Chic is a very good starter kit for makeup brushes.

When you use a series of face and eyeshadow brushes. In addition, they are very soft, especially facial brushes. In general, I have had a pleasant experience when using them. My makeup looks great every time I use these brushes.

This is the essence of what is known as summer charm. This is a multi-functional face and eye brush that can add luster to your skin, blend and brighten your makeup.

This set has 4 face brushes and 8 eye brushes. Each brush in this set has: a thick white plastic handle with the company name and brush number engraved on it. Blue-green aluminum ferrule with a double curl at the bottom of the ferrule and a single curl at the base of the brush.

It is easy to use! Have you tried BH Cosmetics Poolside Chic? I also recommend you to try it!




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