BH Cosmetics Opalescent Review

by gleamcandy

This BH cosmetic creamy white panel is really popular with eyes because it is a warm palette with neutral browns, pinks, purples and golds-all my favorite colors.

However, to compensate for this, the shimmer tone is incredible. Coloring, butter, beautiful. They are very creamy and I like every shimmer.

First of all, the color story is beautiful, reminding me of Huda New Nudes, a bit like it. The flash looks good, and I like to add purple to the soft gorgeous nude palette. Peaches and pink coral are also a good addition. There are 24 colors in total, 10 of which are masks.

Therefore, the swatches from Opalescent Palette are a bit mixed. The mask is impressive, and the flash has left a deep impression on me. However, I want to see what they do to my eyes. The product does not have any smell. When I use them, they hardly chip or fall off.

The eyeshadow lasted all day. As you might expect, the color faded a bit during the day, but I am satisfied with the durability of the eyeshadow.

I like! If you really like flash and you already have a lot of brown matte in your eyeshadow collection, then buy this palette.




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