BH Cosmetics Nouveau Neutrals Review

by gleamcandy

Eye shadows are perfect for a soft and charming look! The blush goes well with all the shades, creating a cohesive look. The icing on the cake for your makeup collection.

bh cosmetics Nouveau Neutrals everything is fine for me.

It includes matte, metallic and shiny tones, each of which is different. There is a light matte shade that I can use as a foundation, there are matte shades for eyelid creases, shimmer shades for eye charm and rich shades for darkening.

This palette can be used to create very simple, lightweight daily makeup, and without the need for other palettes to create eye-catching eye makeup. The colors are arranged in such a way that the colors that are next to each other match-however, in the end, you can almost combine all colors with each other.

The shimmering tones in this palette are very soft and soft, and may even take it to the next level here. This makes the color very rich and the coloring is very good. Because they are soft at the same time, they will hardly break when applied, but will leave a little shimmer under the eyes.

I think all the colors are of good quality, and the differences between them are obvious enough to be applied, constructed and blended well.

The packaging is so simple and elegant. It is thin and plastic-very, very light. I didn’t expect it to be so slender. Before opening the palette, you can almost see the shadows through the front of the palette. This palette is easy to store, carry or put in a cosmetic bag.

Bh Cosmetics is constantly improving their packaging and formulations. Through their improvements, they still maintain the affordability of the product. They are definitely a brand to watch!




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