BH Cosmetics Midnight Festival Brush Set Review

by gleamcandy

These flawless facial and eye essentials feature gradient color ferrules, three-color bristles and matching pink brackets to keep you organized, practical and beautiful.

The 10 palm trees include: luxury bevel paint: contouring brush; foundation buffer brush: large flat-head foundation brush, evenly spreading the primer; cone paint: loose powder brush; dense buffer brush: eye socket brush; highlight brush: highlight pen Brush; small flat coloring brush: small eyeshadow; tapered blending brush: brush to outline the bridge of the nose, highlighting small areas; blending brush: brush to create the bridge of the nose, brush to blend the eye colors; large coloring brush: large eye shadow brush; angle detail brush: brush to Highlight details.

Using a luxurious synthetic brush, it is very soft and very good to build up everything I want, does not fly out the powder, I like it!




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