BH Cosmetics Digital Future Review

by gleamcandy

Power your inner makeup artist with the BH Cosmetics Digital Future-16-color shade palette, which has a range of bright tones and complementary neutrals for chic, visionary makeup.

I am absolutely in love with all their palettes, if I can, I will get them all! ! Simply beautiful!

The lush rainbow of velvety matte, shimmering and shiny glitter finishes provides vibrant color returns and blends perfectly. Whether you choose a monochromatic pop color of lavender, light green or bright poppy red, or a modern smoke effect, his border pushing options are unlimited.

The palette is packed in a cardboard pocket and can be pulled out from it.. On the back of this cardboard, you can find the composition. There is also a small reminder that these three shades are suppressed pigments. The cardboard is durable and everything is made of very high quality, closed with magnets. Inside is a beautiful big mirror. The only negative effect is that the shade does not have any name.

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