BH Cosmetics Cashmere Cream Review

by gleamcandy

There have been too many releases of lip products in the past few years, haven’t they? To be honest, I started to be afraid of opening the packaging of new lip products because nothing impressed me, nothing really offered something new. That is, until BH Cosmetics Cashmere Cream Comfort Lipsticks pass through my desk.

These lipsticks are creamy matte with a velvety effect and provide full coverage of the color, making you feel comfortable all day long. To be honest, this is a dream formula. It has a mousse-like texture and packs a punch in an ultra-light thin layer.

Cashmere Creams are more flexible and will not split inside the lip line. They will not feel dry at all, and will not chip or feather.

The applicator is a bit smaller than the standard toe, I personally like the control. It also doesn’t take a lot of product out of the tube, so I found myself having to retract multiple times to complete the application.

But the recipe is easy to construct. On the other hand, medium to dark shades look great in one swipe and will also leave slight stains. The pigment is great, but it can be accumulated through layers to make the color really pop. So far, the shade range provided is quite traditional;

Overall, I really like this product, regardless of packaging issues, it is easy to wear, easy to carry, has excellent color payoff, full coverage and affordable.




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