BH Cosmetics BH Liquid Eyeliner Review

by gleamcandy

BH Cosmetics is a little flattered to me, but it comes with a free eyeshadow palette and retail price is only $4.99, so I don’t care if it is a huge failure.

The pen is very sleek, but when I saw the felt tip for the first time and saw how fat it was, I felt a sinking feeling! However, the wings of this little gem are the best I have ever seen, and they will not move all day.

Beautiful deep black, thanks to the fine tip and pen-like applicator, it can be applied quickly and easily. A very clean and professional line takes me 10 seconds or less.

I must admit that it is fun to play with this eyeliner because its applicator is very hard, so it is really very precise. The color is very good once applied-BH Liquid Eyeliner has only one shade, not even a name, but it is black-it dries very fast and is always popular because it prevents you from smudging while applying eyeliner The makeup left over from the eyeliner.

Finally, I recommend you to try!




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